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Nordanner Foal 5504 by Howlingreaches
Nordanner Foal 5504
Horse ID 5504

Reclaim Note -…

Color: Red dun splash (blue eyes)
Geno: ee Ata nD nSpl

Lineage -

------------------------------------------ SSS: Starter
----------------- SS: 456 DWS Zolomir :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
------------------------------------------ SSD: Starter
Sire: 1926 DWS Zerion :star:
------------------------------------------ SDS: 409 MFS Ramses :star:
----------------- SD: 375 MFS Kirsebaer :star:
------------------------------------------ SDD: 158 As X X Three :star: :star:

------------------------------------------ DSS: 502 Dane's Bloody Valentine :star:
----------------- DS: 1366 HA Daim
------------------------------------------ DSD: 136 KS HA Perla Casanova
Dam: 2488 Moondance Alexander
------------------------------------------ DDS: 1333 BAeC Espuma de Mar :star:
----------------- DD: 1658 SS Indian Blanket :trophy:
------------------------------------------ DDD: 1503 WF's Call Me Maybe :star:

Continued from DDS
DDSS: 811 BCRS Killian
DDSD: 477 EWS Heart of Atlantis :trophy:
DDSSS: 332 MFS Avalon :star:
DDSSD: 79 PS Windspiel :star: :star:
DDSSSS: 401 MFS Dead Silence :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
DDSSSD: 42 Dane's Odessa

Continued from DDD
DDDS: 1467 BVS Go To Sleep
DDDD: 66 RC Araishia Tohiri :star: :star: :star:
DDDSS: 400 BVS Mikulas :trophy:
DDDSD: 11 DWS Eowyn :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
DDDSSS: 74 BHS Ounce Upon A Time :star:
DDDSSD: 86 DVE Anezka :trophy:

Design by Howlingreaches
Nordanner :iconnordanner:
Nordanner Foal 2918 by Howlingreaches
Nordanner Foal 2918
Horse ID 2918

Reclaim Note -…

Color: Black Tobiano
Genotype: Ee aa nT

Lineage -

------------------------------------------ SSS: 332 MFS Avalon :star:
----------------- SS: 811 BCRS Killian :star: :star:
------------------------------------------ SSD: 79 TRR Windspiel :star: :star:
Sire: 1341 SJS Murrough :star:
------------------------------------------ SDS: 99 AS Poseidon :trophy:
----------------- SD: 1247 SKG Oceanperle :star: :star:
------------------------------------------ SDD: 477 EWS Heart of Atlantis :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
------------------------------------------ DSS: 285 MDS Barricade
----------------- DS: 1528 SCS Cian :star: :star:
------------------------------------------ DSD: 478 CD Khaleesi :star: :star:
Dam: 2102 The Siren's Of The Sea
------------------------------------------ DSS: 1256 SKG Dromme :star:
----------------- DD: 1556 A Song The Dead Men Sing
------------------------------------------ DDD: 858 SKG Regn Steg

SSSS: 401 MFS Dead Silence :star: :star: :star:
SSSD: 42 KEC Dane's Odessa
DSSS: 475 Nordic Dreamer :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
DSSD: 343 Key to the Renasernec
DDDS: 463 Witalis
DDDD: 457 EHI Raintelle :star:
DSSDS: 460 RR A Coming Exodus :star: :star:
DSSDD: 103 Trofaste Sjeal

Design by Howlingreaches
Nordanner :iconnordanner:


Our stables are located on 2 and a half quarters of land situated in the Rocky Mountains of Southern Alberta. Thanks to our location we have mild winters and are able to let the horses out year round. We are fully staffed with the owners, Troy and Amy Rinner, living on site and making sure everything runs smoothly. They both have a passion, and a life time of experience, with horses. We have 3 trainers that are in everyday:
Our dressage trainer, LeAnne Westland, and our two Jumping and Eventing trainers, Patrick Cameron and Francine Nyland. They are highly regarded in their work and we are lucky to have them on board.

Howling Reaches Stables by Howlingreaches

Included in our stables are well maintained and cutting edge facilities. We have our own arena, large enough for most events, breeding barn and paddock, stallion and mare barns/paddocks, lots of storage, and our own farm house. We are looking to expand to another quarter and add on a cross country course.

Our stables are open to all for a visit, and we have lots of open space for people to board. We are friendly folk here.

At Howling Reaches we focus on a few breeds of horses, with the odd one slipping in when it pulls to hard at Amy's heart strings. We have Nordanners, Anglo-Arabs, and Arabians currently, though we are always on the lookout to add better blood to our stock. We are always on the look out for the bigger and better thing. Our hopes are to help create refined breeding stock and wonderful horses to compete with.

Feel free to stop by with questions, horses, or just to talk!

Merry [Belated] Christmas HowlingReaches by SaandStoorm Howlingreaches Chibi Pagedoll 1 by SaandStoorm Howlingreaches Chibi Pagedoll 2 by SaandStoorm Howlingreaches Chibi Pagedoll 3 by SaandStoorm
I've moved to a new one and will no long be on here. If you need me, send me a note. I will try to be on it once in awhile to check messages.

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Please at least check it out and look through my gallery to see the quality you could win!

** note: this is my attempt at advertising haha! This is going out to all of my friends or artists I admire, please spread the word :)

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